Castle Luštenice


Baroque castle in the center of the village Luštěnice, which is between Ml. Boleslav - Nymburk, 6km from the highway. Situated in a very peaceful and beautiful neighborhood with a private garden in a park layout. Private parking area.

Castle is undergoing an expensive renovation with an eye for detail and compliance with the original historic features.


The village was first mentioned in the name of Pavel from Luštěnice in the year 1268. Mikuláš from Potštejn was the lord of this place around the year 1387, after him Vilém from Zvířetice at the end of 14th century and Ctibor from Stakory in the period from 1402 to 1424. Jan Tovačovský from Cimburk bought part of the village Luštěnice and add it to his domain of Mladá Boleslav. After the year 1570 the territory was appended to Kosmonosy and it was the part of it until the 1739, when Josef Scherzer from Kleinmühl bought it from the Černín family from Chudenice.Then, in the 1774, the Luštěnice village was sold by Eliáš Scherzer to Kristián Filip Gallas, who appended it to the neighbour village Horky nad Jizerou. The whole territory was in the possesion of earls Nostitz-Rienecz from 1805. During this period the building was used only as a administrative building and it was slowly becoming desolate. It was costly renovated in the 2nd part of 20th century.

Description of building

The basis of the mansion is simple rectangular, three-dimensional renaisance fortress, which rests can be found in the cellars and partialy in the ground floor of the western part of the mansion. The ground plan was probably changed into the present form during the baroque renovations in the 30th of the 18th century. The present ground plan is in the form of the letter U with rounded inner corners of the courtyard. The building has one floor, only in the central part of the western wing it is one floor higher. The main western frontage is connected with a square three-floor pavilion on each side. Each pavilion terminates originally with attic. During the Scherzer´s period 1760-74 the building was further renovated to the shape which was kept, except of some details, to the present. There are late baroque details on the facade of the 1st and 2nd floor. You can still find the original architectonics details in the rooms on the ground floor.


Historical photos


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